Dear new employer or business partner,

I want to introduce myself on this website, that you'll get a impression
from me and my life, and you can decide if I fit to you and your Company.

My name is Benjamin Pfeffer, I was born on 7th June 1983 in Giessen, Germany.
My parents are Norbert Pfeffer, administrative officer at the regional council casting and Margit Pfeffer, Kindergarden Teacher Staufenberg.

I started school in 1990 and visited the Goetheschule (primary school) in Staufenberg then I visited from 5th up to the 11th grade of Clemens-Brentano-Europe-School.
During my school days in the years of 2000 & 2001 I ran my own very small web-design-Agency, operating the web pages for mostly local medium sized companies,
Associations and individuals (about 40 customers).

In 2002 I left school and casting training the regional council IT specialist for system integration began.
Despite all the problems that I enjoyed this training, I tried to get my degree, unfortunately I did not succeed this project in particular, I failed at the programming technique.
Mr. Dannenberg, director of education administration at the CCI in Giessen, has recommended me a Alternative port training as an office administrator to join.
For this purpose, I had to find a training carrier, which I've found in Dr. Christian Velten, patent searches, Staufenberg-Daubringen.

Fortunately, was the job of office businessman more after my skills, so I just took one year to complete the training successfully.
My boss, Dr. Velten would have like to employ me longer, unfortunately, the economic situation of the company is made it impossible.
Meanwhile, the company was also resolved.

Shortly after I ended office assistant training, I found another Company on my own in May 2008

Besides building up my company I started to visited Max Weber School (for buisness Highschool degree). My company I run alongside, my main sales has been sold online.
Towards the end of the one-year vocational baccalauréat (May 2009) I had started as Help in the office at Hain am Ring GmbH.
In November 2009, I was finally also been set. My employment is limited in time and running this year out (November 2012).

In 2010, I ventured even to step in and casting with my own business, with the help of my brother we rented a shop and had a small kiosk in retail expands.
We run the business from the beginning of December 2010 to the end December 2011. Unfortunately, the small shop although almost "cult", but unfortunately not profitable enough
to upright the shop and have this double burden to obtained.

Since I am a very creative type, I am ready to try something different / new.
Important for me is that I work with have an effective employment needs for the evening

I have seen that I have accomplished something.
Employment me should also be fun, give me some financial Enable independence and then even if future prospects are associated with it would the sensational.

In my spare time I like to produce short films, music videos, etc..
As part of this hobby I have already cut films for children's camps.
Also, I like to paint and am working a lot with music and art in general.

I own a license for category B (car) and have my own vehicle, which to me certain
flexibility enables course in career choice.

I look forward for an interview and remain

Sincerely yours